Tell me I’m not the only one – you sometimes miss your stop when you’re reading something good, right?

Tonight, I read the first 50 or so pages of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, then looked up to find myself about 20 blocks past my usual stop.  I read a few more pages on the local platform headed back the right way, then thought about the book the whole way home – it’s striking a chord with me on several levels that I can’t wait to write about.

Of course, it’s not the first time a book has made me miss a stop, though usually it’s from laughing too hard, like the day, on my way to Bleecker Bar to meet a friend for a few rounds of pool, I found myself in Brooklyn – thanks Yarn Harlot! (I think it was Knitting Rules!)

So what’s done it for you?

2 responses to “Oops!

  1. Sure! Of course I´ve lost my stop sometimes when I´m swiming in an olympic book.
    Regards from Spain

  2. I think it is time to reread A Tree Grows in Brooklyn! I loved it so much when I read it as young teenager, that everytime I came across a copy used I would feel the need to buy it. It seemed to me like some secret book I had discovered because I hadn’t heard of it before picking it from the library shelf.

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