After watching a fellow R rider pull an official NYC condom out of The Good Earth yesterday morning, I got to thinking about what people use as bookmarks.  Since my Book Club books come from the library, I usually use the slip that says when the book is due.  I also tend to grab Post-It flags from work – they’re easy to re-place repeatedly and don’t fall out when the book gets thrown back in my bag at my stop.

I haven’t used a decorative book mark in years – they don’t seem to be made by or for real readers.  Like the gorgeous metal one topped by a butterfly – it’s way too heavy and falls out of the book at the slightest touch.  The tpe that clip to the edge of the page always do damage that pains me even more than a dogear.

What do you use?

11 responses to “Bookmarks

  1. Blow away subscription cards from magazines, post cards from friends – random pieces of paper, whatever I can grab when I have to stop reading. I like the idea of those slips but always grubby them up to quickly.

  2. Most of my books come from a bookstore. I use the free bookmarks most bookstores give away for free or the receipt for the book.

    Interesting post.

  3. i’ve been using the same post card for almost a year now. its still in pretty good shape and it works!

  4. I use whatever timely print graphics cross my path when I am reading the book, i.e. tickets, receipts, business cards, candy wrappers, postcards, etc.

    I leave them in the book after reading and, years later, when I take the book off of the shelf again to skim, I find the pieces and recall the time and place(s).

  5. Stunning Vistas

    If it’s a dense book, I prefer the long, yellow Post-Its to reflect or jot down a vocabulary word on the spot. Otherwise I, like grit, like to use interesting or inspiring print items and leave em in the book.

    I had a hundred dollar bill advertisement that I used in Nickeled and Dimed. That was epic.

  6. i use concert and movie tickets. i have an ever-growing box of them.

  7. I use a postcard I got on vacation in Alaska of two moose with thought bubbles: one that says “My waddle is bigger than your waddle” and another that reads “Yeah, but my rack is bigger than your rack.”

    For some reason, this still makes me laugh after three years…

  8. I have a bookmark from Unicef. It folds over a few pages with magnets at either end so it doesn’t fall out in my bag nor while I’m reading. It also helps hold the books open, too. Until this one, most bookmarks didn’t work nor did they last. This one I’ve used for several years.

  9. Like others here, I use postcards, tickets, folded pieces of paper. I used to use 3×5 index cards, but who has them in an office anymore?

    I bought my wife cloth bookmark in Turkey that was weaved to look like a rug. The story of buying it is more interesting.

    I bought it from a street vendor. He wanted one Euro. The smallest I had was a 10 Euro, but I had Turkish lira.

    “No, no, no,” he said waiving his hand furiously.

    “It’s all I have. And besides, it’s your country’s money!”

    Finally after chasing me to a bus, he took the Lira. “But don’t tell the others,” he said nodding to other vendors.

    It’s a common practice in the Caribbean – accept US dollars and make change in island money no one will accept!

    That’s my bookmark offering.

  10. I have to admit I dog ear. And failing that, I do leave my book opened flat, or, if it must be packed, try to memorize the page #.
    Once in a great while a book mark of some sort will make its way into what ever I am reading, but usually put there by my husband. He and my daughter are book mark fanatics, and very good at holding onto the same one for age.
    If I had to choose a physical book mark, I am rather partial to stickies and use them in my cookbooks and other reading material to mark pages I need to find my way back to.
    Enjoyed your post immensely.

  11. I have two “proper” bookmarks, one that says “There’s no such thing as too many books” and one that says “On life’s long commute, may you always be carrying a really good book” (which is really appropriate for this blog!). Both fit me and my obsession with books really well, so I love them.

    If I don’t have them handy, or are reading more than two books at once, I usually end up with whatever lies handy.

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