Do I read anything else?

One of the first questions I get when I explain the Big Idea is whether I read anything other than the Book Club books.  The short answer: Yes.

Slightly longer answer: I read the Book Club books only on the subway, unless I get really into them, then I’ll read them at home in the evening.  Otherwise, evenings are usually for catching up on blogs while watching sports (if it has a score, I’ll watch it).  I have time between Book Club books to read magazines (Harpers, The New Yorker) and books of my own choosing (cycling training lately) because I get my books through the New York Public Library and usually have a bit of a delay while the book is being delivered to the branch nearest my office.  And I do a ton of reading at work – legal research, document review, following news about my clients and legal world developments, reviewing other people’s work – so occasionally I need a little break and you’ll find me playing solitaire on my iPhone rather than reading the latest Book Club book on the way home.

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