New Book, Same Old Shoulder Pain

I hopped on the R Thursday morning determined to take it the whole way to work to be sure and have a enough time to finish the Kennedys book.  As I stepped on, I noticed a man nearby with a book open in his lap and got a little thrill of anxiety, hoping it was good in case he was still next to me when I finished.

About 14 seconds after passing the express option at Atlantic/Pacific, my book was done (a lot of endnotes made it hard to judge how much I had to go).  Time to figure out what the guy next to me had, so I tried to read the info at the top of the pages.  I got what looked like “Frank Dougherty” before the guy noticed me looking and turned away.  For the next few stops, I looked around for other options (maybe his book was dumb anyway), but only saw copies of the Daily News.  That’s a downside of the local – sometimes I take it to be sure of a seat and have more time to read, but there’s fewer people to catch a book from.  I supposed they are less likely to pull out a book too,because you can assume they don’t have as far to go.

Finally, at 14th Street the secretive reader had to close his book to get off the subway and I caught the cover – Tipperary.  Unfortunately, it looks like I’m in for a sore shoulder for awhile to come with that.  I like hardcovers for commuting because they have better spines, but they’re rough on the joints. (I swear I didn’t intend the anatomical pun, but I’m leaving it in.)

One response to “New Book, Same Old Shoulder Pain

  1. I feel ya. I’ve been lugging around a heavy hardcover for a couple weeks, and I swear I’m developing shoulder problems.

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