Follow-Up on What People are Reading

Alexis Mainland over at the City Blog has posted a follow-up on the poll of what people are reading on the subway.  Everyone else is as surprised by Infinite Jest as I was, and the poor souls on the 1 are all reading The New Yorker.  With all those local stops, I vote it best line for Infinite Jest.

2 responses to “Follow-Up on What People are Reading

  1. I notice that you are a quilter — have I perhaps run into you at City Quilter? I don’t read much on the subway — I often quilt though! 🙂

    • I do go to City Quilter – my list trip was fruitless because I was trying to match a piece of cheap white fabric and their stuff was too nice / high-thread count. I’m impressed by quilting on the subway – I need a lot of concentration to keep the stitches small and not stab myself.

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