NY Times catches on

Looks like I’m not the only one interested in what my fellow riders are reading: Reading While Riding


10 responses to “NY Times catches on

  1. Dear Reader,
    I clicked thru to your blog thru the online NYTimes link ~ it worked! =:-O

    Although I don’t have the priviledge of riding the subway everyday ( I communte in from NJ on notorious NJTransit) my commute is the largest block of time I have to read. I’m always looking for good book recommendations, and the insights of other literary souls.

  2. Just found your blog through the NYC article. Although it was definitely interesting (the article), it’s not like reading on publich tranportation is only done in NYC, right? 🙂

    I remember my parents always having a book or newspaper during rides in crowded Metro and buses in Moscow. I do the same in DC.

  3. I read the New York Times article here in Kentucky on my Kindle this morning. We don’t have subways here, but I love to read so I loved the article, which led me to visit your blog. You have a very interesting way of choosing your reads. Great idea and great blog. I bookmarked it and will visit often. You’re a very good writer, by the way.

  4. Just Read the NY Times article and checked out your blog, it’s awsomeness. I am from Toronto and I hated taking the subway to school everyday – but as soon as I started driving to work I realised how much I miss it cuz I had an hour everyday in the morning to read the paper and an hour on the way home to read a book. I miss reading on the subway . . . sigh

  5. Laurie Dougherty

    Love your blog. I saw the reference to it int he New York Times article. I live in the Boston, MA area where subway reading is also very popular and I always read on the T. I commute to work by bike when the weather is good, but often work late and put the bike on a bus rack going home. So there’s always a book or magazine in my bike bag in case I need it. I read serious stuff on the T – magazines and books about current events mostly. Fiction is for vegging out at home.

  6. One of probably the only things lost by the Kindle. You can’t see what people are reading.

  7. Loved this article by Alexis Mainland and the accompanying slideshow. Every Friday I post “Seen on the Subway” on my own blog. Only problem is that watching what other passengers are reading cuts into my own reading time!

  8. Thanks for the kind words! Marisa, I have been thinking about the Kindle problem for awhile now. I was seeing it a fair amount in the spring, but over the summer, not as much. Not sure if people tried it and didn’t like it, or Kindle users are all on vacation.

  9. Found my way over here from Galleycat where your blog is featured! Very interesting experiment.

    Kindle people are pretty friendly (love to show off their device) You could probably ask…but maybe that isn’t done in NY!!!


  10. I enjoy your blog. I will follow it regularly. Keep up the good work!

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