Book Selection Update

I whipped through Blink in just two days (it was good, and also fairly short) and am on to Brothers: The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years.  I’ve been enjoying all the non-fiction lately, but this is also a Kennedy conspiracy theory book, so there’s a bit more drama than the average history.

The woman next to me on the R Train the other day was reading Infinite Jest, my favorite novel, but I have to say, not a great commuting book.  At about 1200 pages in paperback, it’s pretty rough on the shoulder to haul it around.

2 responses to “Book Selection Update

  1. “Infinite Jest” is my favorite as well. But I disagree that it cannot be read on the train. The first time I read it I started it on the 1 train, after having borrowed it from the NYPL at Bryant Park. The two subsequent times I’ve read it, the subway commute has played an integral part in giving me the time to finish it. Don Gately making dinner at Ennet House while the 2 train hurtles up the west side? Hal Incandenza chatting with Orin on the phone while I’m stuck standing on the L between Manhattan and Brooklyn? Yes!

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