Selection Day

Today was a Selection Day.  I finished my last book on the morning commute (getting stuck in a tunnel for an extra 10-15 minutes “helped”), so when I got on the evening, I had an eye out for a new Book Club book.

I get on the N Train in midtown, around 6:45.  Books being read on the platform count too, but I didn’t see any.  I get a seat at the end of the car (all the people packing the morning commute must leave work at a different time than me) and looked around.  Next to me, a guy playing his PSP and loudly chewing gum, but no one reading in the half of the car closest to me.  I wonder whether I should have stayed to the middle of the car, but it turns out I’m not willing to stand if I don’t have to.

Finally, at 14th Street, a woman gets on with a book and sits down directly across from me . . . but the book turns out to be in Russian.  I actually do speak and read Russian a bit, but I’ve decided to stick to English for the Book Club.  I get off at Atlantic/Pacific for my transfer – still no other books.  The platform has a number of book-reading folks, but when I try to sidle up to a middle-aged guy in shorts to check out what he’s reading, he covers the title with a receipt.  All I can see is “NEW! More”, not really enough.  I was lucky, in a way, that he read my interest as he did; one of these days someone is going to think my interest isn’t limited to the book, and that will be awkward.  The thought of it keeps me from approaching anyone else.

On the R, I manage to snag a seat next to a reading woman.  Hunched forward to avoid someone else’s enormous ponytail that is hanging on me, I try to read the top line of the page for the title, but strike out.  She acts a bit uncomfortable with my interest too, so maybe I was just being creepy today.  Anyway, I think it was The Secret, or some variant, so no great loss (stick around for when my reviews catch up to what I’ve actually read because A New Earth pushes a lot of the same buttons).

No new book today, but got to catch up a bit on my magazine reading.  In a bit of synchronicity, the Harper’s Magazine article on missionaries to children (“Like I was Jesus”) mentioned that the leader of the group does not choose the books he reads, but reads whatever he believes God has put in his path.  God for him, the subway for me . . . .

One response to “Selection Day

  1. A funny post on the difficulties of finding your next book. Who would have thought it would be so challenging? I always feel like I’m surrounded by readers on the train, but when it comes right down to it, I guess it’s slim pickings. I’m looking forward to reading future reviews!

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